sexta-feira, 15 de maio de 2015

My Top 5 Musics Of The Moment || O Meu Top 5 de Músicas do Momento

You don't love me like you should - Hey Violet
I never shared my rocker side, let's just pint that out. On May the 4th I went to the 5 SOS concert and this band was opening for them. I heard about this band, but only one song. I liked them but I didn't care. I was like: Surprise me on the concert. They did it!

Talking Body - Tove Lo
I herad a cover of this song by keaton stromberg and I loved it. Then I heard the song on the radio and people talking about it so I heard it I loved it. I also love her album so much.

Bang Them Sticks - Meghan Trainor
All I have to say is: " I feel you girl, I have a thing for drummers too" oops xD

What I Did For Love - David Guetta ft. Emelie Sandé
Don't ask why. I just love it.

This is Why - Hey Violet
My favorite is the drummer, Nia. I want her hair color so much *-*
I just realized that I always pick the drummer as my favorite in every band :s

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