sábado, 23 de agosto de 2014

FASHION HAUL - Bershka and H&M

Hey sweets!

Last friday was my sister's Birthday, so me, my sister and my friends called Rute and Daniela, we went to mall to go shopping and watch the movie Step up 5: All in. So here comes the results of my little shopping adventure.

This navy blue t-shirt with the pocket, is one of the basic I wanted to get. I feel like I have no t-dhirt basics which means I wanted to get this shirt in more colors, but I wasn't thinking about buying anything and I ended up buying 4 things I only got one of this. I will get more the next time I will be at the mall. This t-shirt cost 5,99€, it was not on sale.

Dark grey 3/4 sleeve shirt. I bought this because I feel like dark clothes look better on me... don't ask why. And also I wanted something like mid-season ans basic. it was only 2,99€, on sale, which is awesome!!!!!

Long sleeve light brown shirt with brown pads on the elbows. I don't have long sleeves, basicaly. so since this was on sale, I needed to get this. 3,99€ for this shirt is amazing.

Hair claws. The regular hair pins, I always loose and they are all over the place. I have straight hair so they fall from my hair all the time. I needed something better. This cost 1,99€, not on sale. The only thing I bought at H&M.

But the rest of the day was awesome, let me show you the B-Day party pictures :D


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