quinta-feira, 8 de maio de 2014

My Top 5 Musics Of The Moment

OMF to the G this song is so perfect *-* I love this guys. This song is my favourite, no dought.

Yes, this is another song from Jack and Jack. Sorry I love them. If you don't know them, check theyre vine: jackandjack.

And again. yup. Since I discovered vine I have been obsessed. And this guys are the funniest, hottest and super talented. I love them :$

I think this is on radios now, so probably you have herad it befora, right?? Do you like it?? I have a little coreography for this. I also like the song called Problem by Ariana Grande and this girl Iggy.

Oops! I know this song is kind of nasty.. ok, I know. But I liked this song so much. I like the beat xD #sorrynotsorry

Coment your favorite songs, ok?? 

 Kisses *

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