segunda-feira, 28 de abril de 2014

What I recently bought


Well, I don't make a post about my favs of the month just because I don't buy or try new stuff every month. But here is some things that I bought recently.

I bought that cream for oily skin because mine was emptie and I need to keep my face hidrated. right?!?! I have oily skin, so oily. Seriously. But I still need to hidrate. I have used this cream for 5 days now, probably, and I can't tell you if it's good for me or not, yet.

Those awesome sunglasses are my life savers because I have sensitive eyes. To much light and brigthness are my enemies. And I had no sunglasses since when I was 13 years old, problably. This sunglasses cost me 15,99€ at Pull and Bear. I had no sunglasses for a long time, even knowing that I can barely open my eyes when it's bright outside, because my face is tiny and every sunglasses I like were to big on me. Not even joking. I saw this sunglasses when I was surfing on Pull and Bear, online and I lived them. I wanted the black ones but I don't even knew if they would fit me. So I went to a store with my mom and my sister. I tried this and the black ones, which were to heavy on me, you know what I mean. So I bought the brown leopard print ones.

That Baby Lips was and still is my life saver too. I had the cherry one but it's emptie right now so I needed one, fast, and here it is! It hydrates my lips, has spf in it and I like the scent.

And now, the famous Maybelline Fit Me Anti-shine Stick Foundation, yeeeaaahhyyy! I wanted this for so long!!!!!!!!!! I got it on sale, so it cost me around 5€ less than the original price. I don't know why but there is only dark colors on market there. WHY?? I'm pale, ok? so the one that I bought is too dark for me, but I heard on youtube reviews that it comes lighter when you apply and it's true so, yeah! I can wear it. It goes matte, soft touch, easy to apply and you feel like you are not wearing it I get oily really quickly but with this foundation that doesn't happen too quick, and when it happens It's not that bad.

What do you think about what I bought?  :)

Kisses, I'll talk to you soon :)

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