quinta-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2014

My Top 5 song of the moment.

Hi sweets!

I love music and I can't spend a day without music. on my way to school and on way back home I always have my headphones on. I'm the type of girl who listens to a song on repeat all day if I love that song but I also get bored really easily. I'm always changing my playlist on my mp3. Here is my Top 5 song that I've been listening the most at the moment.

 Ariana Grande - You'll Never Know
It's my fav of the moment. This song is so girly and makes me wanna dance :D

Demi Lovato - Let It Go
This song is so catchy! I usually don't sing, even when I'm home alone but when I listen this song I start sing (totally not like her but I enjoy singing this song). I love the movie that this song come from and I'm exactly like Elsa, the caracter that sings this song in the movie. I love Demi's voice, btw :)

Shay Carl - The Socks Song
Oh! I love every single thing about this song and the Shaytards familly! this song is so fun and catchy, it's adorable. Check out Shaytards on youtube and you will feel happy and motivated for life. I love them.

Movie Frozen - Do You Wanna build a Snowman? 
Me and my sister, we are alwayas singing this. It's so adorable.

MKTO - classic (music video) by: kian Lawly and JC Caylen
I Subscribe this guys and I love them. This song isn't the original and I like this one better than the original one. It's so happy and fun!

What do you think?


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